Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener The wood for these bottle openers is sourced from different avenues. Most of the wood is exotic and hardwoods left over from other projects and spared from the garbage can in our efforts to limit waste. Some of the wood is retrieved from downed trees, hit by storms that are so prominent here in North Florida.Some of it is just cool wood we found on the side of the road and couldn't stand to see it go in the landfill.Wherever it comes from these handmade wooden base wall mounted bottle openers will fit in with any decor. Hang them anywhere you might need to open a bottle, from your dock to your kitchen or wet bar. Some of the woods found in these bottle openers are: African Mahogany Various Oaks Cherry Sycamore Elm Cypress Cedar Maple Among others Handmade wooden base mounts to the wall. Attached to the wood base is a rustic iron bottle opener Mount to the wall in your garage, dock, kitchen or patio. 11" tall x 6" wide Handmade in our shop in St Augustine, FL from salvaged wood We can customize your Wall mounted bottle opener with an engraving of asingle letter of your choice for $5.00 charge. We could also accommodate a multiple unit, custom order in certain circumstances Please contact us to discuss customization

Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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