Solid Cherry Wooden Vinyl Record Holder/Display'NOW PLAYING' Laser Burned Etching on Front !!!!!!!!!!!We have 2 Displays with really cool knots and Live Edge Groves. ( See pic of the stacked units. They are the front 2 bottom ones) Because of this, we will not be able to laser engrave 'NOW SPINNING' on the front. These displays look really cool all natural. Let us know if you'd like one. I'll take this note down when they are gone. (Or take one home for my own use)!!!!!!!!!!!! *******We can also leave these blank if it so suits your tastes******** Record Holder to display your favorite records. Or set the sleeve while a record is playing. Help you avoid the dreaded tower of records that will undoubtedly pile up while listening to records. Showcases the Natural Beauty of theWood’s Grain and Wonderful End Grain on the sides Holds all 12” LPs and smaller Showcase your Holy Grail Records Stands are made from a variety of woods including: African Mahogany Various Oaks CHERRY Sycamore Elm Cypress Cedar Maple Among others See our page for current varieties for sale now. Sometimes these will be made to order.In most cases, these are ready to ship and go out in 3-5 days. But on the chance we are building them to order please allow 5-8 business days. They are worth the wait, I promise. These record stands can be custom engraved with your personal touch. Examples are: Now Playing Now Spinning My Holy Grail Put Me Away When Done Listening Record Store or shop’s name These are made to sit on a shelf or stereo stand and protect and display your record sleeve Or Set up in a record store or DJ booth to display what’s playing and what’s on deck. Crafted and built in St Augustine Florida Crafted from scraps left over from our shops’ other projects reclaimed wood we saved from going to the landfill and fallen trees Sanded to a smooth glass like finish and sealed in a Tung Oil Finish Dimensions are14.5” by 2” by 2” We can customize your Holder with an engraving of your choice for a $5.00 charge. The spacing and letter size would need to fit in a 13”by 2” spacing We could also accommodate multiple units, custom order in certain circumstances Please contact us to discuss customization

Solid Cherry Wood Record Display w/ 'NOW PLAYING' Laser Engraved

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